Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Speak Fashion?

What is fashion communication?

Brief intro – It is a major part in the fashion industry where it uses mass communication as a tool to promote fashion and communicate among fashion people.

There are 4 approaches in fashion communication,

Creator, which are designers that create the product.

Visualizers, which are the photographers, stylist, models, etc.

Critics, which are judges of the fashion such as editors.

And sellers, who will market the clothes directly to the consumers.

The essential points in becoming a fashion person,
  • Purpose/motivation is what do you want to become in the industry.
  • Environment is what kinds of the surroundings and conditions you live in.
  • People is who ever you will encounter once you have achieved your purpose.
  • Ethic is the moral values that will not be crossed.
  • Function is the kinds of clothing that you would likely to be in when all of the above have been applied in your life.

A fashion person that falls in the category of Creators, Visualizers, Critics, and Sellers will be capable communicators with sense, instinct, skills, and knowledge.
Step by step:
  • ·      Personal fashion communication
  • ·      Fashion communication for creators (originality)
  • ·      Fashion communication for visualizers (creativity)
  • ·      Fashion communication for critics (reality)
  • ·      Fashion communication for sellers (results)

In one year, a designer will usually have 4 collections and that is Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Pre-fall/Resort, and Couture. From the creator, which creates the product, the visualizers will do the ads campaign, commercials, and publishing, from there onwards the critics the judge the collection and pass it to the sellers to choose the garments that they want to have in their shop. Sellers can also directly attend the fashion show to record and take notes on which garments are they going to put in the shops.

Personal fashion communication.

Someone who is already marking his or her spot in the fashion industry must indeed have their own personal fashion style. It is a way to show and express the world what they really are inside, their personalities, characters, uniqueness, and thus it will show in the outputs they are making in the fashion industry, and this is what I think fashion is about, to express themselves. Everybody has a personal style, a personal way to communicate what’s on his or her mind. If a designer doesn’t relate his garments with his personal style, maybe he only keeps up with the trend, and not giving in his personal touch in to it, then his work will be in vein, because none of his character is showing, his work will not be distinguishable and soon people will forgot his name because he is not making a lasting impression in people’s minds. For me, a good personal fashion communicator will have high self-consciousness. They are aware of them self, what they like or dislike, what suit or don’t suit them and how they adapt it. By understanding their style, its easier for them to also understand other people styles. As result, its very important to have a good personal communication especially nowadays when surviving in this industry is amazingly hard and there are so many competitions to take us down, so be creative and express your deepest, true feelings, not in just clothing, but in your lifestyle.

“Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.”
By John Fairchild

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”
By Gianni Versace

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